Continues Professional Developments Programs (CPD)

The CPD Guidelines provide guidance to members on how to maintain and develop relevant skills and knowledge to ensure they continue to work effectively as professionals. AQRB expects all members to participate in CPD programs in order to comply with the requirement of the profession. It is therefore important that all AQRB Registered members embrace the concept of lifelong learning fully and adhere to the CPD guidelines. CPD and other professional courses for all registered persons for enhancement of professional competence, skills and competitiveness in discharging of their professional duties. The minimum CPD hours /points are 20 hours in every calendar year. If CPD hours exceeds 20 per year, a maximum of 5 excess hours obtained may be carried forward into the following year.

Application of the CPD hours is done using the online registration system.

Click HERE to access CPD guidelines and Timetables