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Firm Registration

Practicing Firms Registration Procedures

Pursuant to Section 18 (2) of the AQRB Act, members engaged in public practice must practice under the firms and that Firms must be registered with the Board for the purpose of practicing in Tanzania main Land. It is a contravention of the AQRB Acts and Bylaws for a registered member to go into partnership with un-registered member (s)

Any registered member intending to register Professional Firm in Tanzania Main Land shall submit to the AQRB duly filled an application form (click here). The application form shall be submitted together with: -

  1. Proof of Payment of relevant registration fee
  2. Certificate of registration from Registrar of Business Names
  3. Extract from BRELA with partners names; names should comply with those shown in Application form paragraph 2.2.1
  4. Certificate of registration for TIN
  5. VAT Registration Certificate
  6. Certificates of two or more active partners who are registered with Board
  7. Two recent passport size photographs for each partner
  8. CV for each partner and key employees.
  9. Proof of having an office
  10. List of relevant office furniture and equipment

Note: All registrations are done through online registration system (https://ors.aqrb.go.tz)